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Mom in the Works: March 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


It's insane how time flies! I am now a mother of 2, and I turned 27 last week. It's weird how it doesn't feel all that different. I mean, I guess I'm closer to 30, but 27 seems so...boring compared to other milestones. In the few moments of quiet that I have today, I'm reflecting on the many amazing events and discoveries that occurred in my 26th year...

 We had a new baby (yay!), who is actually not so new anymore. As I write this, she's almost 6 months old already. She's such a happy, beautiful, sweet baby girl. We are so blessed by her. I seriously couldn't ask for an easier baby. If you've followed my other posts, you'll have read that my firstborn did not have the most mild temperament. We absolutely love his personality for the both of them. Baby Eva on the other hand, smiles at everyone and everything. She also sits and plays for extended periods while I chase around her rough-and-tumble brother around, because we all know that toddlers have places to be and often that means that they take their sweet time. Sometimes I feel guilty with how much attention her brother steals (oh, mommy guilt) Thankfully, she just goes with the flow. I can learn a thing or two from her. :) 

Our little sweetheart!! 
Joel began day care and I a new career in real estate, which was rewarding in many ways. I am a very type-A, driven person, so the fast-paced world of real estate excited me. However, after having Eva, I then decided that being home with my babies was where my heart truly lives. Real estate is an amazing field and had I more time that I was willing to devote to it, I think it could have been a fantastic career for me. However, I decided that I couldn't "wear all the hats" that I wanted while I was in that field. I see so many people who can do it well, but that is not me (more of this in a later post). So, in being home with our kiddos, I am figuring out (not-so-gracefully) how to care for  two babies and balancing life and finding new meaning in the every day. I also do not want to lose my identity and my drive to accomplish things (outside of the home and children), so  I am hoping to find some sort of balance of working very, very part-time, which brings me to my next discovery.

I'm devoting a lot of my "me-time" to clean eating and pursuing fitness. Both of these have been consistent parts of my life for almost a decade and I've taken things up a notch in the last year or two. I'm interested in the science of both exercise and nutrition and one of my goals for this year is to become certified to teach group fitness classes, and possibly complete my personal trainer certification. I'm so excited to share with others what a difference exercise has made in my life and how it makes me a more "well-rounded," (no pun intended) person.

I am blown away from how truly and deeply I am loved by God. I know that I am far from perfect, and I need to remember that, especially for the days that I'm not so proud of - extra screen time, chicken nuggets, and not-so-much-reading-time sort of days.

I rarely can finish sentences, coffee, or a complete thought these days, but stay tuned for some more posts from my not-so-perfect life. I've truly missed blogging and hope to make it more a part of my routine. Even if people do not want to read about me, at least I'll have something go back and read about, right??

Today I am just excited. Looking forward to the future, looking forward to some changes, and waiting to see what God has planned. Right now, I am learning to be grateful. 

I love soaking up moments like this

Just grateful.

And once in awhile, it's great to sit, sip some tea, and take stock of what truly matters in your life, right? 

As I write this, I have plans in the works of re-vamping my blog. Stay tuned for that as well as some more "meaty" posts, I promise. :) 

Make it a great day! 

~ B.